Jekyll Island Camping Trip

Coming to a Tent Near You
In mid-October we attended our niece’s wedding in Tifton, Georgia.  We all enjoyed ourselves at the wedding, and since we’re not working these days, we decided to spend a few days catching up with friends and relatives.  My wife and I really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to hurry home to plan for a busy school week.  Instead, we were able to have some fun on our own schedule.  To build on that fun we decided to go for a camping trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Not working* sure has its advantages!  
Our Home for 4 Days

Now, I won’t lie…I don’t know much about camping, so I wasn’t sure how the trip would go.  My wife has more camping experience than me, so I followed her lead as we set up camp.  All in all, there was nothing to it:  the tent went up in five minutes and the chairs were unfolded in five seconds.  We then graced our tent’s entrance with a car floor mat and boom…home sweet home!  

All throughout the night we heard raccoons rummaging outside our tent as they looked for food.  The weather was perfect for sleeping,  and we were so tired that we slept soundly.  Of course, we were a little sore the next day…camping is not for pampered sissies!  

Nephews and Son Enjoying the Sand, Sun and Surf
One of the benefits of camping on Jekyll Island is that it is also a beach trip.  Jekyll has beautiful beaches that are a little different from the more popular Florida beaches to its south.  Jekyll Island has a rustic feel and fewer tourist attractions.  October is a perfect time of the year for a Jekyll beach trip.  On day three of our trip, a few relatives from Tifton came over for a beach weekend with us.  We had two great days together on the beach.    

Thoughts and Observations on the Trip 
  1. Camping in low season was awesome!  When we arrived on a Tuesday afternoon, we had the entire tent section of the campsite to ourselves.  By Friday, there were about five tents, but it was still peaceful and relaxing.  
  2. Raccoons are really cute until they get too close.  Then, they suddenly look like overgrown rodents with better manual dexterity.
  3. In mid-October there are still plenty of mosquitoes on Jekyll Island; bring your bug spray!   
  4. On our next time, I’ll have to do a better job with the food.  Chow time consisted of cheese, cold cuts, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, olives and dark chocolate.  Actually, it was pretty good…especially with the box wine we brought.  The problem was that we did not cook at all on this trip.  
  5. There are not many grocery or restaurant options on the island, and the ones on the island are on the pricey side.  I advise that you stock up on food and supplies in Brunswick before you come on the island.  
  6. There is a $6 toll to get on Jekyll Island, and annual passes cost $40.  Keep your toll stub because it is valid for reentry until midnight of the following day.
  7. I highly recommend the Jekyll Island campground.  It was $24 a night for our tent.  If you pay for six nights the seventh night is free, so you could have a relaxing week at the beach for $144.  Not bad!    
* = “financial independence,” “selfish employment”, “early retirement,” “quasi-retirement,” “semi-retirement,” or what ever else you prefer to call it.

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