Net Worth for November 2013

Here is our net worth for November of 2013:  
November of  2013
ASSETS $915,643 LIABILITIES $103,329
Checking $2,487 Morgage @ 5.875% $61,119
Savings $1 HELOC @ 2.89% $41,183
Stocks $139 Credit Cards @ 0% $1,027
72T IRAs $567,073
Traditional IRAs $32,052
Roth IRAs $15,757
457 Accounts $102,425
HSA @ Alliant CU $4,098
ESA-GA 529-UTMA $33,614
Home $154,997
Cars $3,000 NET WORTH $812,314
Thoughts and Comments on Our Net Worth
  1. The rising market is helping our bottom line…for now.  
  2. I’m really looking forward to paying off that credit card debt!  I’m done with credit cards; they’re dangerous.
  3. I have got to get that mortgage balanced refinanced.  My current rate of 5.875% is just too high.  I feel like I’m leaving money on the table by not taking care of this. 
  4. The HELOC will increase as I borrow from it to finance the rest of 2013.  As soon as we receive our IRA distributions in January, we will park the money in the HELOC and reduce that balance.  
  5. We took our last 457 distribution for the year; it was a $5,000 withdrawal.  
  6. In January I will adjust the value of our cars; they’re probably worth less than $3,000.
  7. Overall, our net worth increased a little over $12,000 since October.  Thank you Mr. Market.


  1. Anonymous says

    Mr. Mills,

    Thank you very much for posting your blog – it is an inspiration and best of luck to get that net worth of a million! One process I use that might be helpful to achieve goal #3 is that when bond yields are low, I transfer in extra payments on my mortgage @5.375% APR to substitute as part of my bond allocation in my investment portfolio. If you already do this, please disregard, I haven’t read all your blog postings yet. However, if you can refinance your mortgage, all the better. Much enjoy the blog! Thanks.

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