Thursday, December 12, 2013

Net Worth for December of 2013

Here is our net worth for December of 2013:  

December of 2013
Checking$430Morgage @ 5.875%$60,599
Savings$1HELOC @ 2.89%$42,589
Stocks$147Credit Cards @ 0%$1,365
72T IRAs$567,454
Traditional IRAs$32,092
Roth IRAs$15,795
457 Accounts$102,582
Cars$2,500NET WORTH$810,878

Thoughts and Comments on Our Net Worth
  1. At this point of the year, my financial goal is to simply get to January of 2014 without a financial misstep.  
  2. As of the today (12/12/2013) our net worth is down about $2,000.  
  3. I'm still looking forward to paying off the credit cards in January...oh yeah!  Credit card is up a little because I used it to pay for an international job fair and a few purchases.  
  4. The HELOC will be used to pay for next months mortgage and utilities payments.
  5. Depending on whether or not we take jobs, we could crack the million dollar net worth mark next year.  It's just a matter of time...

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you refinance your mortgage? 5.875 is really high!