Net Worth Update: June of 2016

Summer Fun in  2006

Summer Fun in  2006

I have an important family issue to take care of, so I’m just going to post a net worth update.  I’ll let the numbers do the talking.  The take away is that last month we added $9,450 to our 457 ($6,000) and 403b ($3,450) accounts.  As always, hardcore savings saves the day.  We will have three more months (July, August, and September) of 100% savings.  Here is our net worth as of June of 2016:

Net Worth for June of 2016
No Mortgage!
Credit Cards
Mutual Funds$4,536
72T IRAs$567,024
Traditional IRAs$122,182
Roth IRAs$25,231
457 Accounts$138,916
ESA-529-UTMA$40,958NET WORTH$951,488


  1. Clay Rehmus

    Hi Ed,

    I habitually listen to your interview with the MadFientist. It is super inspiring because I see a lot of parallels in my life. While not a college athlete (or an athlete of any kind), I’m a Spanish teacher pursuing FIdom who started around 27. I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration!

    ¡Qué te vaya bien!

    • Clay,
      Thanks for the kind words. It always puts a spring in my step when anyone thinks my zany financial worldview has helped them. I’m about to officially FIRE in about a month, so it will soon be your job to represent Spanish teachers pursuing FIRE. God speed Clay! Thanks again for making my day.
      Hermanos en libertad financiera,

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