1. There is also a book out titled Teach and Retire Rich by Dan Otter. I believe he developed the 403(b) Wise website. It’s been around for quite awhile and I think there is also one for the 457 but I’m not sure.

    • Beachbum,
      Dan Otter is the founder of the 43bwise website and author of the book: Teach and Retire Rich. I learned a lot from his 403bwise website as I was trying to understand the Byzantine rules of the 403b world. Dan saved me a lot of money for sure. He used to have a 457wise website, but it looks like the info has been blended into the 403bwise site.

  2. Such an informative and inspirational post. Thanks for pulling into all together.

    We have been following your journey for some time now and are very interested in continuing to learn about your transition to Mexico.

    We would also love to hear more about how you would recommend others work with their counties to shift 403/457 plans away from annuities. We have voya and valic options only and would just love to have access to vanguard or fidelity or schwab funds.

    What keeps a county tied to high cost options?

    • Greetings Team TSR,
      Most counties continue to go with high-cost options because their selling point is that they’ll do it all: administering the plan, maintaining to endless compliance paperwork, and providing the financial advise (at the suitability level). This means the school districts can check the box and say that their retirement plans are in “good” order (compliant). Obviously, the problems is that such plans usually suck big time due to excessive fees. I see that you have Valic…at least they no longer have surrender charges. I use them when I have to.

      I’ll write more about Mexico over the next few months. We’re going back in a few weeks. Thanks for visiting. Ed

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