1. David W

    I recently discovered your website and this podcast. I immediately went over to the Mad Fientist to catch your interview with him, too.

    I’m a county public defender and have access to a 457b plan. I max it out along with my IRA, but got a late start with all this frugal living, radical savings stuff.

    Thanks for clarifying a number of things and giving me the confidence that I can walk when the time comes in a short 5 years!

    • David,
      Thanks for making my 106 degree day here in Merida, Mexico. I always love hearing from people who benefit from any lunacy flowing from my mouth. Knowing you have a five years timeline makes difficult workdays more bearable for sure. Way to work your plan, congrats, and thanks for the love. Ed

    • Mark,
      You’re too kind. Like you, I just want to see hard-working teachers build wealth. Years of teaching should result in financial security. It can be done! BTW, jog #308 is in the books baby! Ed

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