1. Awesome post!!!
    2 questions: 1) Did you have to leave the house, or was this all done online?
    2) How far do you reckon you can take this? If this could drop your spending from 4% of investments to say 3%, and fund 1% from this technique, you will have almost nothing to worry about via sequence of return risk.

    • Thanks Yaacov. We did have to visit local pharmacies to buy the gift cards; we also bought money orders at our neighborhood supermarket. I’ll be learning how to buy gift cards online from this course. As for how far we can take this, I’m not sure. I’d love to be able to generate $8-10k a year from this, but that may be wildly optimistic. Our cost per spend of $504.95 is 1.12% ($5.64 / $504.95). If we could do this from home, it would be even better.

  2. ElleX

    I get lots of credit card offers in the mail and I toss them all. I will try this method with one and let you know if I am brave enough…I mean, I will let you know the outcome!

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