• The post is in the to-do hamper. I’m working on it among other fascinating reads. Patience grasshopper, I can’t blow my blogger-who-rarely-blogs thing by cranking out too much content.

  1. Your posts are always inspirational. Have not FIRED yet and curious how retirement status might affect travel hacking, maybe another post for you? Congrats on switching to VTSAX, did that about 5 years ago from fancier, more expensive active funds and no regrets.

    • Greetings Mr. Wheat,
      We’ve cooled our jets as far as the travel hacking goes. We haven’t opened a new card since March! We slowly closing the cards that we don’t use very often, and we don’t plan on opening any new ones for roughly two years. (I’m sure you know about Chase’s 5/24 rule.) For the time being we have enough MURP$ to get us back and forth to Mexico; we also enough for beach trips in Georgia and Florida, so all is good for us.

      As for the portfolio change, I decided that we needed more stock exposure. We were in the Vanguard Retirement Fund 2025 which is a solid fun, but with a pension in 7 years we already have a big “bond” position. Plus, we have enough cash as bridge money to get us to our pensions. Thanks for the comment and look forward to checking out your blog. Ed

      • Ahhh a Pension. :). I was a bit worried for you with a 80% equity exposure with the Shiller PE at almost 30, but now I get it! Travel hacking has been so lucrative the last 2 years I don’t know if I can stop it once I FIRE. Re: 5/24 dear wife and I have gotten business cards that don’t count towards 5/24 this year and we should be under 5/24 by January and will try for Southwest Companion Pass. Regards.

        • Not thrilled with that PE ratio either, but the diversification, simplicity, and 4 bips fee will keep me there. We earned our SW Companion Pass in January, so we’re good until the end of 2018.

    • Don’t worry, the Mexican immigration officers treated us very well during our permanent visa quest. But, I see what you mean…that cross-hairs section of the visa picture is just to center the picture, not for the perfect sniper shot.

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