• Mrs. Kiwi,
      I don’t even know if I still want to see a Squatch. Many native Americans view it as a curse that can warp your mind and spirit. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating topic. Ed

  1. WOW!

    What are the chances of two millionaire educators both fixated on Bigfoot? My wife and kid think I’m crazy because I’m constantly trolling YouTube for new Bigfoot material. I want to believe. 😉 .

    But I think you’re on to something . . . it might be moderately crazy. lol.

    Good stuff.

    • Teacher Investor,
      Great minds think alike, right? I can’t hide it…I’ve always found the Squatch mesmerizing. It must be in my DNA. Squatchaliciously yours, Ed

    • Penny,
      I’m honored that a new Mom would make time to ready my Bigfoot post. I remember how tired I was that first year with Eduardito. Yeah, I’m blogging more frequently now that I don’t have a job and once again have my own place. All is well in Merida, but it can be a little hot. I hope your school year is going well. See you at FinCon? Ed

  2. Paul Cam

    Re Big Foot

    Have you seen Les Stroud’s (Survivorman) shows on the topic? He’s done some TV shows following up with and on Todd Standings work. Compelling video.

    Re Fire

    I’ve given up talking money/finance/investing/lifestyle with people. They look at me like I’m a freak. It’s just too big and mind blowing for them to get their heads around. I used to think I was helping them, but now realize they just don’t get it and I think they end up feeling bad about themselves. So, rather than making them feel bad, or them making me feel like a freak, I just don’t talk about it.

    • Paul,
      I’ve heard Les Stroud tell his Bigfoot stories. He goes to some really remote places where anything could be hiding. I really enjoy his stuff. As for FIRE, it really is close to impossible for most people to process. After being programmed to be a worker bee / debt slave, most people never come out of their zombie-like slumber. I share my message selectively and try to lead by example. Thanks for reading, Ed

  3. I love this analogy because I have seen it play out so many times at work. When I make the comment that I want to retire before 40, I’m greeted with a look of horror and laughter by my co-workers. They don’t even consider it as an option or take the additional step to ask me how I plan on achieving this. Anyway, I’ll gladly keep pursuing quietly and prove them wrong one day when I reach the endzone. I’ll get the last laugh then.

    Thanks for the read!


    • Bert, I hear you…people are quick to shoot down FIRE plans. It’s easier than confronting the reality that you could be FI after 5-15 years of work. Just keep leading by example. Thanks for visiting, Ed

  4. AliFi

    Love this post! Its all true, you might as well be talking about Bigfoot when you talk to some folks about FI. Cracking me up. But I’m a believer!!!!!!

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