• Hello Miss Piggy,
      We’ll take 12% any day, right? I’m curious to see how long it takes us to become millionaires at the individual level. Our combination of frugal living, hardcore savings, and prudent investing should do the trick. Another teaching gig would help us hit the net worth fast-forward button, but that won’t happen until the 2018-19 school year. Stay tuned…

  1. katsiki

    It seems like business owners who pay their kids for ads/photo shoots usually attribute a much higher amount. However, I don’t blame you for being cautious. What a lucky kid!

    Hope yall are doing OK down there. When I looked at a map a while ago to find Merida, you are just about south of me (New Orleans area). Stay safe!!

    • Katsiki,
      All is well here in Merida. Eduardito likes his school, teachers, and classmates. I lived in New Orleans until the 4th grade when we moved to north Georgia. I still miss the food! Thanks for visiting, Ed

  2. D langer

    When calculating your yearly income for health insurance do you include your 457 plan with the 72t distribution?


    • No, 457 distributions are separate from 72t distributions. Every year we have $18,375 of 72t distributions. If we take $20k of 457 distributions, we would then have $38,375 of total income. I am trying to stay under $53,375 on total income because that negatively affects my health insurance subsidy. Fun LINK

  3. You’re crushing it. And Eduardito won’t be far behind!

    We’re doing around 12% too even though we’re very conservative and heavily weighted in bonds. But that’s because I married a genius and our lithium stock more than doubled since January.

    • Hola Sra. Groovy,
      12% with a healthy bond position ain’t too shabby! As for our portfolio, it’s amazing to watch it keep going up even while we’re living off it. I pulled Eduardito aside and showed him that line about our net worth growing almost $29k since last July. That really caught his eye! Maybe he’ll FIRE as soon as he finished high school…

      I’ll see you guys at FinCon, right? If not, I’ll have to come pick up some garbage with you guys! Until then, Ed

        • BTW, tell the marital lottery winner that I’m going to start plagiarizing his “but I’m just a little ole country blogger” down here in Tennessee. I can hear that line in my head with Mr. Groovy’s thick New Yawk accent; it cracks me up every time I read it!

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