1. I don’t think I have ever bought a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen or a Route 44 beverage at Sonic because of the receipt survey. I also do it at Panda Express and get the 3 entree plate for 2 entrees for a sweet $7 date night with the wife. Free cookie at Subway from the receipt is great to finishing off my eat fresh experience. You’re post is a great reminder to everyone to always get your receipt and do the survey. Free is literally everywhere when eating out!

  2. I love a good deal and fast food in Mexico is certainly a good bargain! The burger joints in MX seem a lot nicer than our BK/McDs in the US.

    We’ve found great bargains at the fancier burger restaurants too. In the middle of DF, it was 30-35 pesos for a big fat juicy flame broiled burger (Pirate Burger maybe??).

    And then we found a street vendor selling literal hamburgers for 17 pesos next to the National Library in DF. Huge burger patty, a slice of ham, a slice of American, a slice of queso Oaxaca (or similar), and lettuce, tomatoes, toppings, etc. It was a little embarrassing because we got a couple for a snack, then went back and got 4 more so the five of us could have a proper meal. Then we figured we couldn’t find burgers that good for under a buck each anywhere else, so we got 5 more to go! I explained how this was the best burger deal (and one of the best burgers honestly) anywhere in the world. I hope this street vendor had a good day knowing he made these Americans very very happy (and full).

    • Justin,
      Here in the Yucatan we haven’t come across any burgers like those you found. They sound delicious, so we’ll be on the look out for some tasty Mexican burgers. My son also loves the tacos al pastor that are so common here. They boy can eat, but it’s no surprise since I’m quite a chow hound myself. We look forward to grilling up some burgers with you guys some day!

  3. I love it, Ed! One of the best frugal hacks I’ve read in a long time. And Eduardito (aka Capitan America) looks like an awesome young man. Can’t wait to try out this hack myself one day. Cheers, my friend.

    • Hello Mr. Groovy! It’s funny how many time I’ve disregarded coupons on the back of receipts in the U.S. Big Josh says that there are free eats all over the place if you simply look at your receipts. I know from your ChooseFI podcast interview that you gave up the sugars, grains, and starches, so you won’t be hacking free/cheap fast food too often. Congrats on taking back your health; I did the same in 2011 when I lost 35 lbs. using the Slow Carb diet. I honestly feel 25 years younger, and I get to eat lots of real food. We’re still waiting for you guys here in Merida…let us know when you’re coming.

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