1. Really interesting commentary on your jog streak! I am not a “runner” and never was, but I did finish two marathons (and didn’t walk at all!) I had arthroscopic hip surgery so I always worry about running. They told me I have arthritis in my hip – so I stick to walking. But I definitely have the itch to do something like this. I don’t think it could do much more damage than the hour+ walks I do most days.
    I also like your focus on making sure you have other activities included too. It can’t just be all jogging – too many other areas to address. Good luck with keeping the streak going!

    • Hi Vicki, I agree that too much jogging could be a disaster as I get older. I feel very fortunate that after 30 years of hardcore basketball, my joints are surprisingly good…what great fortune! I don’t plan on extending my times or distances. I’m just happy to be able to still get out there and do it. Let me know when you start your streak, I’d love to know your plan–so I can make it my own. Ed

    • Mrs. Adventure Rich,
      It’s good to know that there are fellow streakers out there. Your streak might be a little challenging in that northern Michigan winter weather. I bet the jogging is awesome there in the fall, summer, and spring. Enjoy your streak and may it never end, Ed

  2. Super inspiring, congrats! Running and FI paralleled nicely. My wife got a job at Ironman and was encouraged to run a half-marathon for a team building event (how fun). At that time, we’d run a mile or two leisurely, so a half-marathon seemed daunting . However, as I trained with her, running really became cathartic and motivated me to sign up for and complete a marathon. Just so happens that getting that job at Ironman also motivated us to sell our larger than needed house at that time with long-commutes for both of us, and downsize to a one-bedroom condo that significantly reduced commute times and opened the door for longer training sessions. Lots of literal and figurative connections between running and FI on our journey! If your ever in Tampa and looking for a run again, we’d love to join and have a multi-mile trail on the water practically right outside our complex!

    • Hi Jason,
      I’d love to jog with you guys in Tampa. We have family there and visit about once a year; we’ll have to hook up for sure. It sounds like my old bones will have a hard time keeping up with you WSEs (all my students know that one: Wild Stallion Extraordinaire). I’ll be sure to look you up the next time we’re in the area. Thanks for reading, Ed

  3. Very impressive, Ed. I got two questions for you. Have you ever had problems with chafing in the chest area? When I used to jog that problem dogged me. And are you familiar with Mark Sission? I know he’s a low-carb guy who believes in staying active regardless of age. I don’t think he’s into jogging, though. Just walking and sprinting.

    • Hola Sr. Groovy,
      First, chafing on a long run is the pits. I’ve only had it happen on really long runs like half marathons. I’ve heard of people putting Vaseline on their nipples to reduce the friction. I avoid the problem by only doing short runs.

      As for Mark Sission, I’ve read a lot of his stuff and like it. I agree with him that cardio workouts are not as great most people think. Walking and sprinting are great. We do tons of walking here in Mexico, but I haven’t been doing any sprint or HITT workouts. I need to do some speed work…there’s nothing like going all out: heaving lungs, burning muscles, and experiencing real pace on the “sprint.” The only HIIT I’ve don recently is sprinting on the stationary bike at the gym ($30 a month for wife and me). We started lifting on November 1st, and I’m surprised at how much has come back. I think the low-carb diet works well with the exercise program. It’s awesome having the free time to work out, isn’t it?

      Merry Christmas, Ed

      • Agreed, my friend. Mrs. G and I walk 3 miles every day. I would like to introduce some running (2-3 miles a couple of days a week) and some sprinting in 2018. I may have to do it without Mrs. G, though. Merry Christmas, my friend. Hope all is well down in Merida. Cheers.

        • You can also do some HIIT sprints on a stationary bike. Watch the BBC video in the post about HIIT; it’s awesome. I never thought one minute of exercise could feel like an eternity. Give it a try.

  4. Glad to see you added weight lifting, fasting and low carbs to your program. The three of those will really help. Check out some of the movement programs to help with flexibility, control and the ability to fly over those big obstacles in Mexico!

    • Hi Rocky, I’m enjoying getting back into the weights again. I’ve been fasting since 2012 and went no-low-slow carb back in 2011. You’re correct, they all work well together. It nice to have these tools in my bag of tricks. I have a super keen sense for hazards and holes here in Mexico! Thanks for visiting. Ed

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