Future Blog Posts

Here are some of the blog articles that I am currently working on. If there is any of theses article appeal to you, email me and let me know. I seem to respond to poking, prodding, and shaming via email…let me hear it!

  1. How to Hack a College Degree in 12 Months or Less for Under $7,000 * Higher education in its current state is unaffordable and unsustainable; this article will present an old-school, out-of-the-box method to earn a quick and affordable accredited degree.
  2. “Crappy” Jobs Part II * Guess who took a new “crappy” job…this guy! Even if our new jobs aren’t as good as our last “crappy” jobs, we’ll use our new jobs to dramatically impact our bottom line.
  3. My Trillionaire Plan * Don’t laugh Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates, I’m coming for you!
  4. The WILF Series: What I Learned From… * Let’s face it, we all stand on the shoulders of giants. These articles will highlight some of the individuals and their ideas that have greatly impacted and improved my life.
  5. The Personal Finance Equivalent of a Thunderbolt to the Head * Once you become aware of these financial facts, you will never look at the financial services industry in the same way.
  6. Why I Don’t Do Conventional * The older I get, the less conventional I become. When I share my views on wealth, health, work, and life, many people think I’m completely nuts. Their reactions further strengthen my resolve to do it my way.
  7. My New Crack-Like Addiction to Credit Cards * Thanks to the Mad Fientist, Richmond Savers, and Noob Traveler we have dipped our toes in the travel hacking waters.