2017 Free Money!

October is my favorite time of the year.  While cooler temperatures, autumn leaves, and pumpkins are great, they don’t compare with my favorite aspect of fall–tax planning!  Every year Forbes magazine comes out with its tax predictions for the upcoming year.  Well, it’s here, so I can finally prepare our tax plan for 2017. As my loyal … [Read more…]

Net Worth Update: September of 2016

  August has come and gone, and fall is right around the corner.  Our August paychecks (26¢!) finally made it to our checking account, and we’re a little sad.  Why?  August represents our final paychecks from our latest “crappy job.”  We still have health and dental insurance for one more month, but on October 1st we’re officially … [Read more…]

Net Worth Update: June of 2016

I have an important family issue to take care of, so I’m just going to post a net worth update.  I’ll let the numbers do the talking.  The take away is that last month we added $9,450 to our 457 ($6,000) and 403b ($3,450) accounts.  As always, hardcore savings saves the day.  We will have three more … [Read more…]