What’s the Deal with Your Mortgage? 5.875%!

The Old Homestead Warm Cancun greetings to all! Over the last few months I have received comments and questions regarding my ridiculously high 5.875% mortgage rate. Currently, I owe $59,568 on the mortgage; I also owe around $21,500 on our HELOC (home equity line of credit). Many people recommended that I refinance the balance to … [Read more…]

Our Family Adventure in Cancun, Mexico

Mexico or Bust! Greetings from Cancun, Mexico to all my loyal Millionaire Educator readers (Mom and Honest Abe)!  Two weeks ago I bought one-way airline tickets from AirTran for the Atlanta to Cancun flight.  Two days later my wife, son and I landed in Cancun and began our family adventure.   We decided to come … [Read more…]

We’re Done with Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt…Be Gone! This post will be brief…I just wanted to share some good news.  This week we paid off the last $500 balance on our Visa credit card.  We had carried a balance on a number of 0% rollover cards since 2009.  At its peak, the balance was $10,000.  By rolling our credit card debt … [Read more…]

2013 Accomplishments and 2014 Goals

Happy New Year to all; may 2014 be your year!  Okay, it’s time to see how we did with our 2013 goals.  Let me start by saying my wife and I only worked five months each this year, so we came up short on most of our financial goals.  Nonetheless, 2013 was still a great … [Read more…]

10 Happy Years with a Couple of Old Nags

  Swayback #1 December 26th, 2013 marked the 10-year anniversary of a very special relationship.  The old girl in question has been so good to me and my family.  She’s reliable, hard-working, and still a little pretty in spite of her advanced age.  Sure, she often has a “rode-hard-and-put-up-wet” look to her, but I don’t … [Read more…]

Jekyll Island Camping Trip

Coming to a Tent Near You In mid-October we attended our niece’s wedding in Tifton, Georgia.  We all enjoyed ourselves at the wedding, and since we’re not working these days, we decided to spend a few days catching up with friends and relatives.  My wife and I really enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have … [Read more…]

Questions from an Awestruck Reader

Melanie writes:    “Hi! I discovered your blog thru a comment you left on another blog. I have been crunching numbers and reading for the past day. I love your concept of never exceeding the 10% tax bracket! I had never heard of that. I do have a question though. I know you have been at … [Read more…]

Your Questions Answered

Alright, questions from readers!  The first set of questions come from Laura: 1.)  How in the world do you live on $1,500 a month? (I thought I read that you pulled $18k from your $457.) At this point, we don’t live on $1,500 a month ($18,000 a year).  Our goal this year is to live … [Read more…]

How I Saved $33,212 by Teaching 4.5 Months

View Larger Map Happy Summer Greetings  to my billions of Millionaire Educator readers out there!  Most of you are unaware that in mid-January of this year, I took a job teaching Spanish at a high school in a neighboring county.  Naturally, I had to weigh the pros and cons of the opportunity before I could … [Read more…]