Questions from an Awestruck Reader

Melanie writes:    “Hi! I discovered your blog thru a comment you left on another blog. I have been crunching numbers and reading for the past day. I love your concept of never exceeding the 10% tax bracket! I had never heard of that. I do have a question though. I know you have been at … [Read more…]

Your Questions Answered

Alright, questions from readers!  The first set of questions come from Laura: 1.)  How in the world do you live on $1,500 a month? (I thought I read that you pulled $18k from your $457.) At this point, we don’t live on $1,500 a month ($18,000 a year).  Our goal this year is to live … [Read more…]

How I Saved $33,212 by Teaching 4.5 Months

View Larger Map Happy Summer Greetings  to my billions of Millionaire Educator readers out there!  Most of you are unaware that in mid-January of this year, I took a job teaching Spanish at a high school in a neighboring county.  Naturally, I had to weigh the pros and cons of the opportunity before I could … [Read more…]

How We’re Saving $20,000 by Kickin’ Cable to the Curb

  Before we accepted fabulous teaching jobs in Echols County, Georgia, we worked and lived in LaGrange, Georgia for seven years.  Like most people we blindly subscribed to cable television and internet from our local provider, Charter Communications.  Over the years we started feeling a general dissatisfaction with the service; there were frequent internet outages, … [Read more…]

Questions from Readers

I was updating my net worth info at NetWorth.Com when I noticed that I had three questions.  Wow, I have a few readers out there in cyberspace…awesome!  Here are the questions followed by my answers: Cheers posted:   “I am curious if I am understanding your profile comments correctly. You max out all your retirement accounts, … [Read more…]

Federal Income Tax: How to Determine Your FREE Money

     Taxes…everybody complains about them, but nobody does anything about them.  If you want to control your tax obligations, you first need to determine how much “free money” the government allows you to earn in a given year before it starts taxing you.  Free money is your 0% effective federal income tax bracket; any … [Read more…]

2013 Goals

Okay, it’s time to state a few goals that we hope to reach in 2013. Our savings goals are in the box below. We plan on saving over $100,000 by maxing out all of our retirement, educational and health savings accounts. Since I will turn 50 this year, I am now eligible for the catch-up … [Read more…]

2012 Financial Accomplishments

  Happy New Year to any and all Millionaire Educator readers!  Overall, 2012 was another great year in many ways.  Financially, we made out like bandits by savings over $91,000 in our various accounts.  Once again we maxed out all of our retirement accounts, funded various educational accounts, and started a health savings account at … [Read more…]